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The ESH Powder Compaction Simulator is used by most major pharmaceutical companies. The ESH Powder Compaction Simulator is the solution providing fast effective powder compaction simulations or a single simulation. Making tablets with accurate readings and measurements.

It is used to:

  • take time and risk out of tablet formulation and tablet press set-up.
  • characterise pharmaceutical compounds using minimum quantities,
  • populate mathematical models with reliable material property data
  • efficiently develop multi-layer tablet designs
  • simulate real tabletting profiles for any production tablet press
  • analyse tablet press production problems
  • design new press set-ups for difficult compounds
  • produce dissolution samples from minimum powder quantities
  • determine maximum reliable tablet production speeds without risking production quality
  • investigate and measure temperature effects on tablet production
  • investigate powder flow and die filling performance with difficult granulated compounds
ESH Powder Compaction Simulator


The design has been developed over many years in response to the requests of pharmaceutical industries, and the machine is now updated and manufactured by Huxley Bertram Engineering Ltd. of Cambridge, England.

Advanced digital control systems and servo-hydraulic components are supplied by Instron Ltd, a global supplier of materials testing equipment, and a leader in the field of “high strain rate” testing machines.
The design of the system allows evaluation of tabletting behaviour according to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) required within the pharmaceutical industry.

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